Good Practice for Webinars

December 11, 2009

Last year I started running teletutorials for a Distance Learning Masters course in Occupational Hygiene. The students were spread out across the globe, so it’s not practical to get them together in any other way. I soon found that trying to run them  over the telephone was hard work, so decided to try supporting the discussions with software that allowed me, and the participants, to show Powerpoint presentations and other documents on screen as we talked. Effectively, I’d turned the telephone tutorials into webinars.

This has been a new experience for me, and I’ve very much had to learn as I’ve gone along.  So it was interesting to view a short introductory webinar on:

3 Things Every Presenter Should Know about Webinars | myBrainshark.

presented by Roger Courville, the author of the Virtual Presenter’s Handbook.

The key points for me were

  • Adapt to the medium – i.e. don’t treat the webinar the same as a face to face seminar
  • Engage the participants early and often
  • Break up the presentation – use polls, Q &As and discussion

Actually, I think the 2nd and 3rd points are pretty valid for face to face seminars too. Certianly I try to keep the group involved whenever I run one. So in reality good practice for both types of session is very similar.


One Response to “Good Practice for Webinars”

  1. Hey Mike, thanks for the nice words.

    It always excites me to find another soul not satisfied with the status quo in presentations and training!


    Roger Courville
    Author, The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook

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