Creating Communication

This week, my students prepared for their persuasive Ignite presentations.  I also received an email yesterday from Jessica Davenport asking me about her Ignite topic for an upcoming presentation.  For many people, selecting a topic is really, really difficult.  How can we make sure we’re picking the right topic for ourselves and our audience?

Andrew Dlugan’s article “The Secret of Choosing Successful Speech Topics” is a great place to begin.  Dlugan suggests we start by asking three questions: 1) Am I an expert on the topic?, 2) Am I passionate about this topic?, and 3) Does my audience care about this topic? (Source).  Since I have too many students to conference with each of them individually, over the course of two days, we engage in brainstorming and topic selection.  Last class, I had all students brainstorm 10-20 potential topics.  I had them write down things they were passionate…

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