Creating Communication

This week, my students prepared for their persuasive Ignite presentations.  I also received an email yesterday from Jessica Davenport asking me about her Ignite topic for an upcoming presentation.  For many people, selecting a topic is really, really difficult.  How can we make sure we’re picking the right topic for ourselves and our audience?

Andrew Dlugan’s article “The Secret of Choosing Successful Speech Topics” is a great place to begin.  Dlugan suggests we start by asking three questions: 1) Am I an expert on the topic?, 2) Am I passionate about this topic?, and 3) Does my audience care about this topic? (Source).  Since I have too many students to conference with each of them individually, over the course of two days, we engage in brainstorming and topic selection.  Last class, I had all students brainstorm 10-20 potential topics.  I had them write down things they were passionate…

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November 9, 2012

Creating Communication


Duarte Design posted this amazing presentation on Slideshare earlier this week, and I absolutely love the idea that we USED to know how to design effective slides before Keynote and PowerPoint got in our way!

In her article, “Back to the Future: Slides Before PowerPoint,” Paula Tesch writes: “Here’s what we can learn from our slide-design forefathers:

  1. Slides were treated like they were valuable because they were expensive.
    In the 1950’s each element on the slide was crafted by hand, using an array of papers and tapes and a whole heck of a lot of White Out. If you had to pay money for every word and chart you put on your slide, you’d make some very different choices about what information you’d include. Just because our slides are free, doesn’t mean we should fill ‘em to the brim.
  2. These slides were created by a person whose only job

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August 12, 2012

I like this webinar. Good points about different types of presenters and presented well with good imaginative visuals

make a powerful point

Recast of Webinar 7/31/12

Find out how to energize an audience, become comfortable with improvisation during Q&A, and make explanations of complex diagrams fluid. Most people use PowerPoint in a way that exaggerates their weaknesses instead of playing to their strengths. The dirty little secret is that we all present differently. There are six “Presenter Types.” Knowing yours is the secret to effectively engaging your audience and becoming better on your feet. Learn how to successfully communicate in the most powerful and direct way, using your strengths to your advantage.

Thanks to all who participated in the Webinar and the great feedback.

Once you’ve seen this: Diagnose your presenter type. Take one minute to find your presenter type for fast-acting relief from PowerPoint pain.

Also – you can download the slides at SlideShare.

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August 10, 2012

Estimate Approved

apple slide

Today I was lucky enough to attend a presentation by advertising and pitching guru Mike Morrison. He gave a fantastic presentation at my office about how to succeed at pitching. Although the content was very insightful I found the greatest takeaways were from his presentation style. Here they are:

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