One of the blogs I subscribe to via Google Reader is Mike Rohde’s

I’ve just got round to catching up with one of his posts from back in May about a “Pecha  Kucha” talk he gave on his “Sketchnoting” technique. A Pecha Kucha is a presentation where the speaker has to use 20 slides each of which is displayed on screen for only 20 seconds, with the slides switching automatically. As the name suggests, this approach to presentations was invented in Japan, with the first talk being given in Tokyo in 2003.

Mike writes that he “was a little nervous at the start” – I think I would be too with the pressure the strict “rules” place upon you, but he soon gets into his stride and gives an interesting talk on how he developed his sketchnoting technique.

I like the slides that he uses – presented in his distinctive sketchnote style. They’re nice and simple and uncluttered and his use of hand drawn pictures and text are a refreshing change from the standard typefaces and slick glossy photos we’re used to seeing in Powerpoint presentations. I think he could claim to have invented a new approach to slide design – “sketchslides”, perhaps!

A copy of Mike’s presentation can also be viewed on slideshare.


More on Sketchnotes

May 11, 2010

I stumbled across this presentation on Slideshare the other day

I think it’s a really good example of the modern approach to  presentation design as advocated by Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte.  It’s well designed and very visual. No boring lists of bullet points here. The content is good and interesting too.

To understand the message fully you’d need to listen to the presenter – and that’s what presentations are about – the slides should support the presentation.  With Slideshare that’s not possible (unless the originator records a soundtrack to go with it) so the full message doesn’t come across. However, the creator, Eva-Lotta Lamm, has made the notes that go along with the presentation available on her blog “Do Not Forget”

I like the idea of using sketchnotes and have tried to use them when I’ve attended conferences and meetings over the last 12 months – but I’ve not got the hang of them yet. I’m not a natural sketcher and I still find myself writing out linear lists. But I’m going to keep trying!